Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven: Versatile Cooking Power

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven: A Reliable and Versatile Cooking Solution for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camp Chef Outdoor Oven: A Reliable and Versatile Cooking Solution for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven (COVEND) is a versatile cooking solution for outdoor enthusiasts. With its durable stainless steel construction, insulated oven box, and matchless ignition, this oven offers convenience and reliability. Equipped with two 9,000 BTU range burners and a 3,000 BTU oven, it provides ample cooking power. Let’s delve into my personal experience with this product.

I purchased the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven in December 2019, and it has become my go-to cooking stove ever since. Unlike my previous RV oven, this unit bakes evenly, eliminating the issue of burnt bottoms. The two burners are excellent for stove-top cooking, and I have even used them for pressure canning meat, vegetables, and fruit preserves. The versatility and performance of this oven are truly impressive.

Additionally, I took this oven on a camping trip to the Colorado mountains, where temperatures dropped to single digits, and we received heavy snowfall. Despite these challenging conditions, the oven worked flawlessly, serving as both an oven and stove. The only minor issue we encountered was the auto igniter failing at such high altitude and low temperatures, but using a lighter solved the problem. Overall, the oven exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and reliability.

Powerful Cooking Performance

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is a workhorse when it comes to cooking performance. With its powerful 3,000 BTU oven and two 9,000 BTU range burners, this oven is capable of reaching temperatures up to 400°F. Unlike other portable ovens, the Camp Chef Deluxe ensures even baking, eliminating the problem of burnt bottoms that is common with standard RV ovens. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or stove-top cooking, this oven delivers consistent and reliable results. It’s perfect for pressure canning meats, vegetables, and fruit preserves, making it a versatile and indispensable cooking companion.

Easy-to-Use and Versatile

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a built-in igniter, providing matchless ignition for quick and hassle-free start-ups. The adjustable heat control dials allow you to easily regulate the temperature according to your cooking needs.

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This oven is gas-powered and compatible with both 1 lb disposable propane bottles and bulk tanks with a hose adapter, giving you flexibility in fuel options. Its nonstick enamel cooking surface ensures easy food release and effortless cleaning. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or facing a power outage, this oven is a reliable and versatile cooking solution.

Reliable Performance in Challenging Conditions

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is built to withstand challenging conditions, as proven by a satisfied customer who took it on a camping trip in the Colorado mountains at 10,500 feet. Despite heavy snowfall and single-digit temperatures, the oven performed exceptionally well as both an oven and stove. The insulated, stainless steel oven box maintained the desired temperature, allowing for the baking of multiple dinners at over 350 degrees. The only issue encountered was with the auto igniter, which did not work due to the altitude and temperature. However, using a lighter solved the problem. Overall, this oven proved its reliability even in harsh mountain conditions.

Slow Heat-Up Time, but Worth the Wait

While the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven offers excellent cooking performance, it does have a slower heat-up time compared to other ovens. It takes around 18 minutes to warm up to 350 degrees or 25 minutes to reach 400 degrees in 72-degree weather. However, this is a minor inconvenience considering the oven’s overall functionality. It’s important to preheat the oven with the burner turned as high as possible and then adjust it once the desired temperature is reached. The oven’s slow heat-up time is compensated by its ability to maintain a constant and moist heat, resulting in well-cooked dishes. The oven is on the heavier side, weighing about 35 lbs, but its performance makes it worth the extra effort.

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Portable Cooking Solution for Outdoor Adventures

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers the convenience of a stove and oven in one compact unit, making it perfect for camping, RV trips, and other outdoor adventures. Its two burners provide ample cooking power, allowing you to prepare a variety of meals.

Customers have successfully cooked biscuits and gravy, oven-roasted potatoes, bacon and eggs, all using a single small gas canister. The oven’s accuracy can be confirmed by using an additional oven thermometer, ensuring precise temperature control. With its durability, portability, and versatile cooking capabilities, this oven is a reliable companion for outdoor cooking.

Reliable Stove with a Few Minor Flaws

The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is highly regarded as a reliable outdoor stove. It excels in providing a powerful and efficient cooking experience, especially when compared to traditional camping stoves. However, the oven may have a few minor flaws. Some customers have reported that on cooler and windy days, the oven’s temperature output is not sufficient for baking purposes. This could be due to the challenging outdoor conditions and the oven’s inability to combat them effectively. Additionally, the oven may require constant temperature monitoring to ensure consistent results. Despite these minor flaws, the stove’s overall performance and quality make it a worthwhile investment for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.


  • The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven has a high oven power of 3,000 BTU and two 9,000 BTU brass range burners, allowing for efficient and powerful cooking.
  • The oven features a built-in igniter for matchless ignition, making it easy to start up and use.
  • This camp oven is compatible with both 1 lb disposable propane bottles and bulk tanks with a hose adapter, providing flexibility in fuel options.


  • Some users have reported that the oven is slow to heat up, requiring a longer preheating time than expected.
  • The Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven is heavy and bulky, making it less portable and harder to transport compared to lighter camping stoves.
  • There have been instances where the auto igniter of the oven fails to start the fire, requiring the use of a lighter as an alternative ignition method.
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In conclusion, the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven (COVEND) is a fantastic investment for those who enjoy outdoor cooking. Its durability, versatility, and performance make it a worthwhile addition to any camping or emergency preparedness setup. While it may have a few minor quirks, such as slow preheating and a heavy build, the benefits far outweigh these drawbacks. I highly recommend this oven to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient outdoor cooking solution.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven reach high temperatures for baking?

Answer: Yes, the oven can reach temperatures of up to 400°F, providing enough heat for baking various dishes.

Question: Is the Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven suitable for use at high altitudes?

Answer: Yes, users have reported successful use of the oven at high altitudes, although there may be occasional issues with the auto igniter due to the combination of altitude and temperature.

Question: How long does it take for the oven to preheat to the desired temperature?

Answer: According to some users, the oven takes around 18-25 minutes to preheat to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the ambient temperature.



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