HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill: Sturdy Build & Spacious Cooking Area"

HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill – A Sturdy and Reliable Addition to Your Outdoor Cooking Setup

HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill – A Sturdy and Reliable Addition to Your Outdoor Cooking Setup

The HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill, with its heavy-duty and rugged structure, ample grilling and storage area, and temperature control features, promises to be a great addition to any outdoor cooking setup. Priced at $109.99, this grill has received a rating of 3.5 out of 5, based on 25 reviews.

I recently purchased the HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill, and overall, I am quite satisfied with my experience. The assembly process was a bit time-consuming, as the instructions provided were not very clear. However, once it was put together, the grill proved to be sturdy and reliable.

The cooking area is spacious enough to accommodate a family gathering or a weekend party with friends. I particularly appreciated the front table, which provided convenient space for storing seasonings and food. The ability to control the temperature was another standout feature, thanks to the built-in thermometer and adjustable side damper.

One downside I encountered was the difficulty in cleaning the grill. It required extra effort and time to ensure it was thoroughly cleaned after each use. Additionally, the size of the grill chamber was smaller than expected, limiting the amount of food I could cook at once.

Heavy Duty & Rugged Structure

The HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill is built with a heavy-duty and rugged structure, making it a durable option for all your grilling needs. The grill is made of premium iron steel with 1.2mm thick grill lids and 1mm thick grill bowls. The surface finish is sprayed with high-temperature powder, allowing it to handle temperatures up to 400℃ without deformation or coating peeling off. The anti-rust hinges are easy to open and close, and the U-shaped supporting legs enhance stability with strong screws. With its solid frame, there is no wobbling, ensuring a sturdy grilling experience.

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Sufficient Grilling & Storage Area

The HaSteeL BBQ grill provides a large cooking area of 356.sq.in, making it suitable for gatherings of 4-8 people. Whether you’re hosting a big family gathering, a friends’ weekend party, or a formal cooking occasion, this grill has you covered. The front table, with its 0.8mm thickness, provides space for seasonings or food. Additionally, the grill comes with 3 holes on each side and 6 S-hooks to hang your grill tools conveniently. The bottom shelf offers extra room for charcoals or other barbecue tools, making it easy to keep everything organized. This grill can hold up to 20lbs, ensuring you have all the space you need for your grilling essentials.

Free to Control Temperature

The HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill allows you to have full control over the temperature of your cooking. It features a built-in thermometer that accurately records the real-time temperature. The clear and precise scales on the thermometer enable you to monitor the temperature and avoid overcooking. The grill also has adjustable side dampers and an opening top chimney, which promotes air flow and keeps the coals burning continuously. This helps achieve the optimal internal temperature for your food. Additionally, the removable charcoal pan makes ash disposal easier and more efficient, reducing mess and simplifying cleanup.

Easy to Move Outdoors

Moving your grill outdoors is a breeze with the HaSteeL BBQ Grill. It is designed with high-quality blow plastic wheels that provide a stereoscopic sense. The moderate weight and firm construction make it easy to move, even on uneven surfaces. The advanced rolling-bearing principle ensures that the wheels roll back and forth smoothly, without any creaking or resistance. Whether you’re taking it to your backyard, patio, garden, balcony, lawn, or poolside, this grill stays stable while standing and won’t slip away. Enjoy the convenience of grilling wherever you desire.

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Your Best BBQ Partner

With its 118.sq.in firebox and 238.sq.in main chamber, the HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill is the perfect partner for all your BBQ adventures. It is great for smoking, grilling, searing, baking, and roasting. The ample cooking space allows you to prepare a variety of dishes, from kabobs and steaks to cheeseburgers and ribs. It even has space for vegetables like capsicums, corns, mushrooms, and onions. Whether you’re grilling for yourself, family, or friends, this grill is sure to impress. As an added bonus, it comes with 2 strong screwdrivers to assist you in assembling the grill step by step.

Mixed Customer Reviews

The HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill has received a range of reviews from customers. Some customers have praised its compact size, making it ideal for small balconies or apartment spaces. Others have mentioned that the assembly process can be challenging due to unclear instructions and numerous pieces. However, once assembled, the grill performs well and delivers deliciously cooked food. Some customers have expressed disappointment with the size of the grill, finding it too small for their needs. It’s important to consider these mixed reviews and determine if the HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill meets your specific grilling requirements.


  • Heavy Duty & Rugged Structure
  • Sufficient Grilling & Storage Area
  • Free to Control Temperature


  • Assembly Difficulties
  • Small Size
  • Quality Issues

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In conclusion, the HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill offers a durable and reliable option for outdoor grilling. It is well-suited for small balconies or patios due to its compact size. While the assembly process and cleaning can be a bit challenging, the overall performance and temperature control features make it a worthwhile investment. However, if you require a larger cooking area, it might be worth considering other options.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill easy to assemble?

Answer: The HaSteeL Outdoor BBQ Grill is made of premium iron steel, ensuring durability and sturdiness.

Question: Can the grill accommodate large meals?

Answer: The 1.2mm thick grill lids and 1mm thick grill bowls can handle high temperatures without deformation or peeling.

Question: Does the grill maintain temperature well?

Answer: The anti-rust hinges make it easy to open and close the lid, and the U-shaped supporting legs enhance stability.



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