Bayou Classic 20 qt Dutch Oven with Fry Basket: Customer Reviews

20 Qt Dutch Oven – Versatile and Durable Cooking Tool by Bayou Classic

Bayou Classic 20 qt Dutch Oven with Fry Basket: Customer Reviews

The 20 qt Dutch oven from Bayou Classic Cast Iron, complete with a fry basket, is a versatile and durable cooking tool that offers a range of features to enhance your culinary experience. With its seasoned cast iron construction, flanged camp lid, perforated aluminum basket, and stainless coil wire handle grip, this 20-qt pot is perfect for frying fish, chicken, shrimp, and more. In this review, we will explore different customers’ experiences with this product to help you make an informed decision.

One customer shared their contentment with the purchase, despite concerns about shipping. They opted for the free shipping option and received the product undamaged, although the packaging could have been sturdier. Another customer expressed initial disappointment with the pot’s quality compared to other brands but later praised its durability after a year of heavy use.

Another reviewer highlighted the pot’s excellent performance while cooking chili on a gas grill and its suitability for large gatherings. However, one customer had a negative experience with Amazon, receiving damaged pots and expressing dissatisfaction with their customer service.

20 qt dutch oven: Product Features

20 qt dutch oven

A standout choice for cooking enthusiasts, the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Fry Basket has several key features that make it desirable. First, the cast iron construction ensures durability and even heat distribution, allowing for consistent cooking results. The flanged camp lid helps retain heat and moisture, while the perforated aluminum basket is perfect for frying fish, chicken, shrimp, and more. Additionally, the stainless coil wire handle grip provides a secure and comfortable grip when handling the pot. Lastly, the pot comes seasoned, making it easier to clean and resistant to rust.

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20 qt dutch oven: Content with Purchase

20 qt dutch oven

The purchase of the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven has left many customers satisfied. Despite concerns about shipping problems mentioned in other reviews, most customers received their item undamaged within a reasonable time. While the packaging may not be the sturdiest, the product itself remained intact. It is worth noting that some customers recommend upgrading the shipping to ensure better packaging. Overall, customers were happy with the outcome and found the product to be worth the purchase.

Still looks brand new after hard use

20 qt dutch oven

Despite not being made in the USA and not comparing to the quality of Lodge cast iron products, the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven still performs well after extended use, as some customers have found. Despite initial reservations, the pot has held up well and looks brand new even after a year of hard use. While the finish and appearance may not match that of Lodge products, customers have been pleased with the durability and functionality of the pot.

20 qt dutch oven: Versatility in Cooking

20 qt dutch oven

Discovering its versatility, customers have used the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven for various cooking methods. One customer successfully cooked chili on their gas grill, using the pot for browning meat on high heat and simmering on low.

The lid fits well, and the pot is suitable for cooking for large groups. However, due to its weight, it is recommended to have assistance when lifting the pot when it is full. Customers have also found success using the pot on glass stove tops, although caution is advised. Overall, the pot proves to be a reliable and versatile cooking tool.

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More about Amazon than Bayou Classic

Negative experiences with shipping and handling on Amazon have been reported by some customers who purchased the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven. There have been instances of receiving damaged pots or pots with rust due to inadequate packaging. Customers have found that purchasing the same pots from other retailers like Target or Home Depot may be a better option. While the pots are not pre-seasoned, this can be remedied by seasoning it oneself. It is important to be aware of potential shipping issues and consider alternative purchasing options.

Accurate Dimensions and Great Value

Noted by customers, the listed dimensions of the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven may not be accurate, as they differ slightly in reality. However, this does not detract from the pot’s performance. The lid fits perfectly, and the pot can also be used as a skillet. The pot arrived in good condition, and seasoning it on a gas grill proved successful. Some customers have mentioned minor concerns regarding the lid’s fit and handle design, but overall, they are satisfied with their purchase, considering it a great value.

Nice and Wire Handle for Easy Carrying

Exceeding expectations in terms of size, the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven has been praised by customers as a nice and spacious pot. The wire handle makes it easier to carry, especially considering its weight. The lid fits well, ensuring proper heat retention during cooking. Overall, customers have been pleased with the pot’s performance and convenience.


  • The Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven comes with a flanged camp lid, which helps to retain heat and moisture during cooking.
  • The included perforated aluminum basket allows for easy frying of fish, chicken, shrimp, and more.
  • The stainless coil wire handle grip provides a secure and comfortable grip when handling the pot.
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  • Some customers have reported issues with the packaging and shipping, with the pot arriving damaged or with cracks.
  • The pot is not pre-seasoned, so it requires seasoning before use, which can be a bit of a hassle.
  • The quality of the cast iron and overall finish is not on par with other brands like Lodge.


Overall, the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven w/ Fry Basket is a highly functional and reliable cooking tool. It offers convenience and versatility, making it a great addition to any kitchen or outdoor cooking setup. While there may be some concerns about shipping and product quality, the majority of customers have found this pot to be durable, efficient, and well-suited for various cooking needs. Whether you’re frying, simmering, or using it as a dutch oven, this product is worth considering for its performance and value.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can this Dutch oven be used on different types of stovetops?

Answer: Yes, the Bayou Classic Cast Iron Dutch Oven can be used on gas, electric, and glass stovetops.

Question: Is the pot suitable for outdoor cooking?

Answer: Absolutely! The pot is great for outdoor cooking, whether on a gas grill or over a campfire.

Question: How heavy is the pot?

Answer: The pot weighs approximately 47 pounds, so it is quite heavy. It is recommended to have help when lifting it, especially when it is full.



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