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Top Replacement Products for Front Avenue BBQ Grills

Top Replacement Products for Front Avenue BBQ Grills


Are you in need of high-quality replacement parts for your Front Avenue BBQ grill? Look no further! In this products roundup, we have compiled a selection of top-notch options that are compatible with Front Avenue grills. From cast iron burners to heat plates and griddles, these products will enhance your grilling experience and ensure optimal performance. Discover the perfect replacements for your Front Avenue BBQ grill and get ready to elevate your outdoor cooking game!

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The GGC Cast Iron Burner Replacement is an excellent investment for grill owners seeking to enhance their grilling experience. Constructed with high-quality materials, these burners are compatible with various grill models, including Front Avenue BBQ grills. They offer improved heat distribution and durability, resulting in a more efficient cooking process. Customers have praised their performance and affordability, making them a top choice for those looking to replace their grill burners.

  • Dimensions and Material: The replacement burners are made of durable cast iron and have dimensions of 2 1/4″ x 13 3/4″. This ensures a sturdy and reliable performance.
  • Compatibility: These burners fit a wide range of Charbroil, Centro, Kirkland, Front Avenue, and Thermos grill models. They can be used as replacements for various models, providing convenience to users.
  • Easy Installation: Customers have mentioned that the installation process is simple and hassle-free. Within minutes, you can replace your old burners with these new ones and be ready to cook.
  • Fitting Issues: Some customers have reported that the burners didn’t fit perfectly and required minor adjustments to make them fit. This may cause inconvenience and additional effort during the installation process.
  • Narrower than Original: A few users have mentioned that these replacement burners are narrower than the original ones. This may affect the performance of the grill, resulting in lower heat intensity. However, the impact might not be significant.
  • Longevity: While these cast iron burners are cost-effective, a customer has expressed doubt about their long-term durability compared to the original burners. It remains to be seen how well they hold up over time.

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The Kalomo Grill Heat Plates Shield Burner Covers have exceeded expectations with their exceptional construction and compatibility with Front Avenue BBQ grills. These heat plates not only protect the burners but also ensure even heat distribution for optimal grilling results. Their longevity and ability to fit various grill models, including Front Avenue, make them a top-notch replacement accessory. Grill enthusiasts looking to enhance their grilling experience should consider investing in these durable and efficient heat plates.

  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which is thicker and more durable than other grill heat shields.
  • Provides strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, making it ideal for prolonged use.
  • Prevents residues from blocking burner tube holes, prolonging the life of your burners and keeping your grill looking new.
  • May require some adjustments to fit certain grill models, such as removing tabs or finding alternative placement.
  • The lip installation may not be secure and could potentially slide out of place when moving the grill.
  • Although a good replacement part, it may only last 2-3 seasons of weekly grilling before needing to be replaced again.

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The Direct Store Parts DB106 (3-pack) Cast Iron Burner Replacement is an excellent choice for those in need of replacement burners for their Charbroil, Centro, Front Avenue, Costco Kirkland, or Thermos gas grills. These burners fit perfectly and provide even and consistent flames, resulting in improved cooking results. The cast iron construction ensures their durability, making them a long-lasting investment for Front Avenue BBQ grill owners. Overall, these burners are highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their grilling experience.

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  • The Direct store Parts DB106 Cast Iron Burner Replacement is made of high-quality cast iron material, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • This replacement kit includes 3 burners, providing a cost-effective solution for replacing multiple burners in your gas grill.
  • The Direct store Parts DB106 Cast Iron Burner Replacement is compatible with various models of Charbroil, Centro, Thermos, and Costco Kirkland gas grills, making it a versatile option for different grill owners.
  • Some customers have reported that the burners may rust over time, so regular maintenance and care are necessary to prevent corrosion.
  • The dimensions of the burners may not perfectly fit all grill models, requiring some adjustments or modifications during installation.
  • The Direct store Parts DB106 Cast Iron Burner Replacement may not be readily available in the future, so stocking up on additional sets may be necessary for long-term use.

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The Upgraded SS304 Burners are an excellent investment for grill owners looking to upgrade their Front Avenue BBQ grills. These burners are constructed with superior SS304 stainless steel material, offering exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. They ensure even combustion, resulting in improved cooking performance and consistent heat distribution. Compatible with various grill brands, including Front Avenue, these burners provide a hassle-free replacement solution. For grill enthusiasts seeking high-quality replacement parts, the Upgraded SS304 Burners are highly recommended.

  • Cast Stainless Steel 304 Construction – The stainless steel burners are made of high-quality SS304, ensuring durability and longevity. They are heavy-duty and built to last, making them a great investment for your grill.
  • Fits Multiple Brands – These burners are designed to fit various grill brands, including Charbroil, Centro, Front Avenue, Costco Kirkland, and Thermos Gas Grills. This versatility makes them a convenient option for grill owners with different brands.
  • Evenly Combustion – The burners have suitable fire hole sizes and evenly spaced distribution, resulting in even gas flow and heat distribution. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.
  • Higher Price – Compared to cast iron burners, these stainless steel burners may have a higher price point. However, the extra cost is justified by their durability and long lifespan.
  • Limited Compatibility – While these burners fit multiple brands, they may not be compatible with all grill models. It’s essential to check the compatibility list and measurements before purchasing to ensure they will fit your specific grill.
  • Installation Required – Replacing burners requires some level of installation, which may be challenging for individuals with limited technical skills. It’s recommended to follow the provided instructions or seek professional assistance if needed.

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The Direct Store Parts Kit DG223 Replacement for Jenn Air Gas Grill Repair Kit is a comprehensive solution for Front Avenue BBQ grill owners in need of replacement parts. With high-quality cast iron burners and porcelain steel heat plates, this kit successfully revives and enhances the performance of Jenn Air gas grills. The parts offer efficient heat distribution and durability, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for the grill. Affordable and reliable, this kit is a recommended investment for those looking to restore and maintain their Front Avenue BBQ grill.

  • Brought my old grill back to life. The Direct Store Parts Kit DG223 is a perfect replacement for old and worn-out burners and heat plates. With this kit, you can easily revive your old grill and make it work like new again.
  • Cheap and works. Compared to other places, the Direct Store Parts Kit DG223 offers a reasonable price for high-quality replacement parts. You don’t have to break the bank to get your grill up and running again.
  • Perfect fit! The burners and heat plates in this kit are designed to be an exact fit for your grill. You can simply pull out the old burners and plug in these replacements, and they will work perfectly. No need for any modifications or adjustments.
  • Didn’t last as long as the original burners. Although the Direct Store Parts Kit DG223 is a good replacement option, some customers have mentioned that the burners didn’t last as long as the original ones. This could be a downside if you’re looking for long-term durability.
  • Hard to return. If you encounter any issues with the burners, returning them for a replacement might be difficult. Some customers have mentioned that the seller required them to provide pictures as proof before offering any assistance. If you’re unable to provide pictures, it could be challenging to get a resolution.
  • Not 100% factory original replacement parts. While the burners and heat plates in this kit are of good quality and fit perfectly, they are not the exact factory originals. Some customers have mentioned that the parts needed some adjustments, such as drilling holes, to ensure a proper fit.
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The GasSaf Grill Heat Plate Replacement is an exceptional product that offers incredible value for the price. It is designed to fit perfectly with various grill models, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The heat plate is constructed with durable stainless steel, providing long-lasting performance and resistance against corrosion. Based on overwhelming positive customer reviews and my personal experience, I confidently recommend this heat plate replacement for anyone in need of an upgrade for their grill. With GasSaf, you can elevate your grilling experience to new heights. Plus, it’s compatible with front avenue bbq grills.

  • Replacement for multiple grill models: This heat plate is compatible with various Charbroil, Thermos, Centro, and Costco Kirkland grill models, making it a versatile option for those who own different brands.
  • Durable stainless steel construction: The heat plate is made of corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel material, ensuring its longevity and ability to withstand high heat while grilling.
  • Easy installation: Users have praised the effortless installation process, as the heat plate can be easily dropped in place over the burners, saving time and effort.
  • Discoloration issue: Some reviewers have mentioned that the heat plate discolored after the first use, raising concerns about the actual stainless steel quality or the presence of a shiny exterior coating.
  • Thin gauge stainless steel: A few customers have expressed their desire for the heat plate to be made from a slightly heavier gauge stainless steel, as they question its long-term durability.
  • Lack of detailed product descriptions: Some users faced difficulties finding the correct replacement unit for their grill due to poor descriptions and confusing dimensions provided by various sellers.

433 Ratings



The Uniflasy Cast Iron Cooking Griddle has proven to be a remarkable addition to my Weber Q1200 grill. It fits perfectly, boasts excellent quality, and offers incredible versatility. Whether you’re cooking breakfast, grilling smaller food items, or expanding your cooking options on a Q Series grill, this griddle is a must-have accessory. With its affordable price and positive customer reviews, I highly recommend the Uniflasy Cast Iron Cooking Griddle for Weber Q Series gas grills. It’s a versatile and high-quality option that also works well with front avenue bbq grills.

  • Fits perfectly – The Uniflasy 6558 Cast Iron Cooking Griddle is specifically designed to fit Weber Q100, Q1000, Q120, and Q1200 series gas grills. This ensures a perfect fit and easy installation.
  • Versatility – With a cooking surface of 94 square inches, this griddle is perfect for cooking breakfast or smaller pieces of meat, seafood, or vegetables on the grill. It easily turns half of your Q grill into a griddle, providing you with more cooking options.
  • High-quality material – Made of durable matte cast iron, this griddle is of excellent quality. It retains heat for a long time, ensuring even cooking, and is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down after use with a little vegetable oil to help season the griddle.
  • Maintenance instructions not included – Some customers mentioned that they wished the product came with maintenance instructions. While it is easy to clean, it would be helpful to have specific instructions on how to properly care for and maintain the griddle.
  • A bit hard to clean – Although the griddle is easy to clean, a few customers found it a bit difficult to clean compared to other griddles. It may require a bit more effort to remove stubborn food residue.
  • No handle or grip – One downside mentioned by customers is that the griddle does not come with a handle or grip, which can make it a bit challenging to move or handle when hot. Extra caution should be taken when using the griddle.

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The Direct Store Parts Kit DG101 provides a decent solution for replacing worn-out components of Charbroil gas grills. While there were some minor issues, such as the size of tube holes and the lack of screws, the kit offers an affordable option for rejuvenating your grill. The parts fit well and the installation process is relatively easy. However, it’s important to note that the durability of the replacement parts may not match that of the original components. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to extend the lifespan of your grill, this kit is worth considering, including front avenue bbq grills.

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  • Easy to install – Many customers found that the Direct Store Parts Kit DG101 was easy to install. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary components, making the installation process quick and hassle-free.
  • Durable materials – The burners and heat plates in this kit are made of stainless steel and porcelain steel, which are known for their durability. These materials can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the replacement parts last for a long time.
  • Cost-effective – Instead of purchasing a new grill, the Direct Store Parts Kit DG101 offers a cost-effective solution for replacing worn-out or damaged parts. It includes 3 stainless steel carry-over tubes, 4 stainless steel burners, and 4 porcelain steel heat plates, providing all the necessary components for a fraction of the cost of a new grill.
  • Incorrect fit – Some customers mentioned that the kit did not fit their specific grill model, despite it being listed as compatible. The tubes and grease shields were too long, requiring additional modifications and purchases to make them fit properly.
  • Quality concerns – A few customers expressed concerns about the quality of the materials used in the kit. They felt that the parts were not as good as the originals and did not last as long. There were also complaints about missing screws or screws that did not fit properly, causing frustration during the installation process.
  • Corrosion issues – One customer reported that the parts started to corrode and become non-functional after only 7 months of use. This raises concerns about the long-term durability and effectiveness of the replacement parts.

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The Heavy Duty Cast Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Burner 4 Pack by GRILLJOB is an outstanding replacement option for those seeking durable and high-performing burners for their gas grill. These burners are compatible with various grill brands, making them incredibly versatile. Crafted from pure stainless steel 304, they offer exceptional longevity and performance. The positive customer reviews and the 10-year warranty further emphasize their quality and reliability. I highly recommend these burners to anyone looking to upgrade their grill and enhance their grilling experience. They are a fantastic choice, including for front avenue bbq grills.

  • Wide Applications: This cast stainless steel BBQ grill burner is compatible with various grill brands and models, making it a versatile replacement part.
  • Both NG and LP Gas: It can be used with both propane and natural gas, thanks to its adjustable air regulator with wire net.
  • 10 Year Warranty: Made from pure stainless steel 304, this heavy-duty burner comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring its longevity.
  • Modification Required: Some customers mentioned that they had to make modifications to make the burner fit their specific grill models.
  • Inaccurate Fit: A few users reported that the burner did not fit their grill as advertised, requiring them to modify their grills.
  • Pricey: While the quality of the burner is praised, some customers found the price to be higher compared to other options.

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The GRILLJOB 4PC Heavy Duty Cast Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Burners are highly recommended. These reliable replacement burners are compatible with various grill brands and models. Made from pure stainless steel 304, they are built to last and ensure exceptional performance. The upgraded air regulator allows for easy adjustment, further enhancing the grilling experience. With their perfect fit and remarkable performance, these burners exceed expectations. Whether you’re replacing worn-out burners or looking to upgrade your grilling experience, the GRILLJOB 4PC Heavy Duty Cast Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Burners are an excellent choice. They are also compatible with front avenue bbq grills.

  • Fits multiple grill brands and models
  • Upgraded air regulator for propane and NG gas
  • Made from pure stainless steel 304, more long-lasting
  • Need to measure dimensions before ordering
  • Limited number of reviews for the product
  • Price may be higher compared to other grill burners



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