How to Build an Outdoor Refrigerator Cabinet: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build an Outdoor Refrigerator Cabinet: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build an Outdoor Refrigerator Cabinet


Are you tired of the wasted space above your refrigerator? Do you want a solution to store and organize items in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way? Look no further than building a refrigerator cabinet. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to transform that awkward space above your fridge into a useful storage area. From measuring and planning to customization and aesthetics, we will cover all the aspects of building a refrigerator cabinet. Let’s dive in!

Gather Materials and Tools

The first step in building an outdoor refrigerator cabinet is to gather all the necessary materials and tools. You will need:

  • Measuring tape and level
  • Circular saw or table saw
  • Drill and driver bits
  • Jigsaw or router
  • Plywood or other suitable building material
  • Weather-resistant screws
  • Outdoor-rated hinges and handles
  • Insulation foam board
  • Weatherstripping
  • Exterior-grade paint or stain

Step 1: The Before & After

Before you begin building a refrigerator cabinet, assess the current space and determine if any adjustments need to be made. Consider trimming down the existing cabinet or replacing it with a more suitable option. Measure the available space accurately, taking into account the desired depth and height. This step is crucial to ensure a proper fit for your refrigerator cabinet.

Step 2: Get the Brackets

To support the cabinet, you will need brackets. These can be made from plywood and easily obtained. If the bracket needs to be attached to an adjacent wall, consider using anchors for added stability. Trim the box to ensure a level and symmetrical appearance.

Step 3: Build the Box and Install It

The main part of building a refrigerator cabinet is constructing the box. Choose a material that suits your style and desired finish. Wood or plywood are popular options. Customize the box according to your needs, whether it’s an open or closed design. Nail and glue the sides and back of the box, then slide it into position. Secure the box on all sides and test its strength with lighter-weight items before loading it fully.

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Step 4: Trim It Down, and You are Good to Go

Trimming out the box is a simple step that adds a finishing touch to your refrigerator cabinet. Choose a stain that complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. When done correctly, your DIY refrigerator cabinet will seamlessly blend with the rest of the cabinetry, giving a professional look.

What Can You Do With the Refrigerator Cabinets?

  1. Show Off Your Cookbooks Utilize the refrigerator cabinet space to display and store your collection of cookbooks. Separate them with dividers for easy organization and create an aesthetic appeal in your kitchen.
  2. Tray Dividers Install tray dividers in the refrigerator cabinet to keep your trays, cutting boards, and baking sheets neatly organized and easily accessible. This ensures a clutter-free countertop and enhances cooking efficiency.
  3. Drinks Cabinet Designate a space in the refrigerator cabinet for storing wine, whiskeys, cocktail glasses, and mixers. This adds a touch of elegance and organization to your kitchen, especially when hosting guests.
  4. Decorative Baskets If your refrigerator cabinet has an open design or limited space, consider placing decorative baskets, plants, or designer elements in the area. These natural items enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen and add practicality.
  5. Storing Items of Different Shapes One of the benefits of refrigerator cabinets is their ability to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes. From oversized kitchen appliances to irregular cookware, the above fridge cabinet provides a solution for effective storage.
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Things to Keep in Mind: Before Building Refrigerator Cabinets

  1. Measure Right & Plan Well Accurate measurements and proper planning are crucial for a successful refrigerator cabinet build. Consider the height, width, and depth of the space, while also accounting for any obstructions such as ventilators. Plan for functionality and practicality to avoid the need for future modifications.
  2. Think of Convenience and Accessibility Ensure that the cabinet’s height and depth are easily accessible for everyone in the household. Avoid making the cabinet too deep or high, as it may become difficult to reach items. Consider incorporating pull-out or adjustable shelves for added convenience.
  3. Stabilize the Structure Make sure your refrigerator cabinet is sturdy and stable. Use quality materials such as plywood for the box and strong brackets for support. Consider adding extra layers of glue or anchors for added stability and weight distribution.
  4. Customize as Needed Design your refrigerator cabinet with customization in mind. Incorporate adjustable shelves, dividers, or pull-out drawers to effectively organize and maximize storage space. The cabinet should be adaptable to accommodate items of different heights and sizes.
  5. Think About the Aesthetics Consider the overall appeal of your refrigerator cabinet. Choose materials, paints, and hardware that blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s style. Pay attention to details such as doors and decorative accents to create a harmonious and visually pleasing look.

In Conclusion:

Building a refrigerator cabinet above your fridge provides a multi-functional solution for storage and organization. By following our step-by-step guide and incorporating the suggested ideas, you can transform wasted space into a practical and visually appealing area. Remember to measure accurately, plan well, and consider convenience, stability, customization, and aesthetics throughout the building process. Start building your dream refrigerator cabinet today and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free and stylish kitchen!


  1. Can I build a refrigerator cabinet if I already have existing cabinets?
    • Yes, you can. Assess the space above your refrigerator and determine if any adjustments need to be made to accommodate the new cabinet. Replace or modify existing cabinets as needed.
  2. Do I need professional help to build a refrigerator cabinet?
    • No, building a refrigerator cabinet can be a DIY project. With the right tools, materials, and guidance, you can successfully construct a functional and aesthetically pleasing cabinet.
  3. How do I ensure stability and durability of the refrigerator cabinet?
    • Use sturdy materials such as plywood and reinforce the cabinet with additional supports or anchors. Consider the weight of the items you plan to store and distribute it evenly throughout the cabinet.
  4. Can I customize the refrigerator cabinet to suit my needs?
    • Absolutely. Customize the cabinet with adjustable shelves, dividers, pull-out drawers, or foldable stairs to optimize storage and accommodate items of different heights and sizes.
  5. Is it necessary to match the refrigerator cabinet with the rest of my kitchen’s aesthetics?
    • While it’s not mandatory, matching the cabinet’s style, materials, and finishes with the overall design of your kitchen creates a cohesive and visually pleasing look. Consider the aesthetics when selecting the stain or finish for the cabinet.
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