What Should I Look For When Buying A Refrigerator?

What Extra Features Should I Look For In A Refrigerator?

What extra features should I look for in a refrigerator

Do you need an Indoor or outdoor refrigerator?

When you read the title of this article “Do you need an indoor or outdoor refrigerator? “You may be wondering, what makes the different between these two refrigerators, indoor and outdoor refrigerator? It seems all refrigerators are the same. They are all meant and to be built to make the items cold or to make the water become ice or just to keep the vegetable and meat fresh, not smell fishy  or not getting rotten soon.

That is what people know about the function of refrigerator besides the more they are developed, there are also more design that they have, two doors, one door, portable, cabinet style and many more. They also have different color and height. Where long time ago refrigerator only has one or two color, blue and white now you can also have silver, gold even maroon. Outdoor refrigerator It looks more fancy and the design also more futuristic and elegant.

What should I look for when buying a refrigerator?


The different thing about this outdoor refrigerator, even though it also has the same purpose but it usually made of material that is more resistant, such as stainless steel. They are usually put outside and therefore called outdoor refrigerator, because they usually used for café, restaurant, or those who sells soft drink and other beverage and the put the refrigerator outside so that the customer easy to see and buy.

The design usually more simple than indoor refrigerator and they are usually bigger as well because they need to put a lot of stuffs on it. Some of outdoor refrigerator are only meant to use as freezer only. They are cooler and the ordinary indoor one.

If you intend to have this outdoor refrigerator, it is advisable that you purchase them for your business instead of your personal use because they are more suitable for that. If you are planning to have café or outdoor café for people to enjoy cold drink or ice cream in the afternoon and perhaps little snack or cake as well, you can have this outdoor refrigerator.

There are many types of outdoor refrigerator that you can select. It depends on your taste and your need. They have small medium and large size; they also have one with one door or two doors. They even have design with transparent door so that the customer could see and select the items inside. This is really good so that you can display all the beverages or the product you sell.

It will make it more attractive and more eyes catching. So it will be useful not only for cooling the drink but also to make it as a part of decoration of your café or bar. Should you are planning and intend to purchase one, you can browse at internet or you can also find through website about this product. There are many brands that offer the similar item however you need to select which one that has more competitive price and which one that has lowest electricity consumed. This is very important for your consideration especially if you want to use this outdoor refrigerator for business.

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Top 5 Important Refrigerator Features to Look For When Buying a Fridge

When you are ready to purchase your new refrigerator, you are going to want to consider every type of feature out there, so that your ultimate appliance purchase is one that you will be happy with for many, many years.


Refrigerators are not cheap, and most people buy a new refrigerator once every decade or so – possibly longer. As a result, it is important for you to consider every feature possible, and make sure that your final choice is one that you’ll be pleased with.

Types of Refrigerator Features

There are several basic features to a fridge – there is the freezer, the refrigerator itself, and whether you want to freezer to be above or below the fridge compartment, etc. There are also more unique features like cooling systems that are often specific to brand type or price. But here are some of the alternative, extra features that may be useful for your specific needs.

1.Water and Ice Dispenser

Many refrigerators now come with water and ice dispensers. This makes getting cold water a breeze, and since the freezer makes ice on its own, you will never need to make sure that you have filled the ice tray.

2.Television/DVD Players

One of the newer features to many of the more expensive fridges are entire multimedia players connected directly to the fridge. The kitchen is quickly becoming a place that people like to relax and hangout, and with a TV connected to the fridge, you can watch shows either while you are cooking or while you are eating. Some fridges also have mp3 players, DVD players, and more.

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3.Temperature Controlled Compartments

Sometimes cooling everything at the same temperature is not the best way to go. Certain fruits and vegetables, for example, get lose their taste and texture if they are cooled too much. That is why some fridges are equipped with temperature controlled compartments to ensure that foods can be kept at the ideal temperature for making sure they do not spoil and taste great.

4.Elevator Shelves

When something is hard to reach in the back, elevator shelves move the shelves up and down to make it easier for you to grab the items without being forced to take out all of the items in front of it.

5.Quiet Run

Another “feature” of some refrigerator models is a quiet run system, that is designed to make less noise while it sits in your kitchen. Some of these “quiet run” refrigerators are a myth – simply being a new refrigerator helps ensure that it runs quietly – but others are legitimately very silent and useful in a quiet household.

Choosing Your Features

All of the above features are both optional and pricier – for any of them, you should expect to pay a considerable price, and most also reduce energy efficiency, leading to greater costs down the road. However, they are still interesting and sometimes very useful features that you may want to ensure are on any refrigerator you choose, as although you may not want them now, there may be a time down the road where you will change your mind.

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