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Not enough space in the Fridge? Choose the Best Outdoor Freezer out of 9

Best Outdoor Freezer

Do you find it hard to adjust stuff in your refrigerator?

No worries as the Best Outdoor Freezer will do the trick for you.

Be it a large family or a party, an outdoor freezer can rid you of the pain of visiting a grocery store again and again.

But with a large variety of features and brands available in the market, choosing the perfect one might get a little overwhelming.

So we decided to come to your rescue and assist you in buying the right best freezer for outdoor use to suit your needs and budget.

But like we always do, let’s go through the technicalities a bit so that you can be fully aware of your purchase and be a smart customer.

Here it is…

Features to look for while buying the Best Outdoor Freezer

10 and 18 Cubic Feet Capacity

This is the most common and popular range of sizes in an outdoor refrigerator and not without a reason. You get plenty of space to store food for more than 2 weeks and it doesn’t take a lot of space on your floor also.

However, if you need some extra space you can choose an even bigger (25 Cubic Feet) model. But it will take a lot of space on your floor.

Power-On Indicator Light

This feature is important more than you think as it lets you know instantly whether the freezer is plugged in or not and also about its proper working.

Safety Lock

Well, this one can’t be ignored at all. A lock keeps your food and drinks safe from menacing kids and pets. Forget about food, your child can also fall into the chest freezer which is not cool at all.

Interior Light

An interior light helps you to properly have a look at your stuff inside the freezer and also lets you clean it properly when required.

Enough of nerdy stuff, let’s come down to the business now…


Here are 9 Best Outdoor Freezer Reviews of 2023

Best Rated Product
BougeRV 12V Car Freezer 42 Quart Portable Refrigerator Fridge

4.5 out of 5 145 global ratings


Amazon Customer Reviews

#1.BougeRV 12V Car Freezer 42 Quart Portable Refrigerator Fridge


  • 42 Qt Large Capacity to serve you and your family enough food for a big trip
  • Fast Cooling Down to -4℉ to keep your food fresh without ice
  • 45W low Power Consumption, thanks to its Eco Energy saving mode
  • 45dB Low Noise & Battery Protection to give you a good sleep after a long trip
  • Compressor refrigeration to dissipate heat without affecting the quality of refrigeration
  • Built-in LED light to help you pick up the right item at night

The first one on our list is an extraordinary model that not only solves your refrigeration problems but also makes your life a lot cooler than before. The Bouge RV Car Freezer 42 Quart Portable Refrigerator Fridge can hold a huge amount of food for your traveling, off-roading, camping, tailgating, etc.

With this professional beauty, your hard-earned food won’t go to waste and you can enjoy as much heavy diet as you like.


  • Premium
  • Huge amount of space
  • Low noise
  • Uses less power
  • Can be used in both vehicle and home


  • All plastic construction
  • The lid design isn’t very attractive
Best Rated Product
Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

Rating: 4.5/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#2.Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator


  • A massive 45 Quarts or 60 Cans capacity
  • Powerful Compressor Cooling System to keep your food and drinks ultra-chilled and fresh
  • Serves as both fridge and freezer
  • Dual-voltage making it suitable for Car, RV and, home, etc.
  • Fast freeze mode for ultra-fast freezing

The second one is Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator that makes your refrigeration easier and convenient than ever.

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Whether you are chilling with your buddies or are out on an expedition, this beauty is a professional and cost-effective solution for all your freezing needs.

The Whynter FM-45G 45 Portable Refrigerator for outdoor use cools between -6 degrees F to 50 degrees F, thanks to its ultra-powerful compressor cooling system and, also gives you a fantastic value for your money, given the chilling it provides.



  • Extra-large capacity
  • Exceptional cooling ability
  • Great value for money
  • Premium & durable
  • Not too noisy
  • Unique separately-controlled temperature zones


  • A bit too heavy
  • Poor quality 12V cable
Best Rated Product
Alpicool K18 Portable Refrigerator Car Fridge Freezer

Rating: 4.7/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#3.Alpicool K18 Portable Refrigerator Car Fridge Freezer


  • Freezes without ice as it has deep chilling performance
  • Massive storage space of 19 Quarts (18 Liters)
  • Car battery protection with temperature memory function and 3 different levels
  • Premium design – Hidden handle, LCD Display Panel with a USB socket to charge mobile devices
  • 15-minute fast cooling

If you have been looking for a perfect fridge/freezer that will make your picnics and road campings truly unforgettable then looking beyond the Alpicool K18 Portable Refrigerator Car Fridge Freezer would be silly.

It has a deep chilling performance to keep your food and drinks ultra-fresh and is compatible with a mini solar system too.


  • Freezes without ice
  • Massive storage space
  • Premium design
  • 15-minute fast cooling
  • Low energy consumption


  • None
Best Rated Product
SetPower FC12 13.5 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge

Rating: 4.4/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#4.SetPower FC12 13.5 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge


  • Large capacity of 12.6 Quarts
  • Fast cooling through an ultra-powerful compressor
  • Car Battery protection through three-levels of battery protection mechanism which doesn’t let your car battery run out
  • Functional design – Easy control panel and built-in LED light to check and set the temperature at night
  • Space-saving design – Lightweight, durable, and easy to transport anywhere

The SetPower brand is no alien to premium, elegant and portable car refrigerators and with FC12 13.5 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge, they’ve surpassed their own standards. It’s a huge capacity fridge which can make your parties and travel truly unforgettable.


The SetPower FC12 Freezer Fridge gives ultra-fast cooling to your food and drinks and is extremely easy to use. Plus it has a built-in LED light to let you keep and pick stuff without any hassle.


  • Large capacity
  • Fast cooling
  • Car Battery protection
  • No ice needed


  • None
Best Rated Product
Kalamera 54-Quart Portable Refrigerator

Rating: 4.8/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#5.Kalamera 54-Quart Portable Refrigerator


  • 54 Quart Capacity Mini Fridge – Easily fits in the trunk, behind a car seat, or to carry your soda and beer cans wherever you want
  • Low-noise wine cooler refrigerator – An advance mechanism for whisper-like function
  • Fast-cooling outdoor refrigerator – Needs just 15 minutes to drop the temperature from 77℉ to 32℉.
  • Energy-saving camping cooler – A digital thermostat for easy temperature control and battery protection mechanism to keep it charged for a long time
  • Travel freezer with great insulation – Maintains its stuff at the appropriate temperature while camping, traveling or caravanning.

If you thought a freezer is just meant to keep stuff cold then here is a beauty to transform your perspective totally. The Kalamera 54-Quart Portable Refrigerator not only refrigerates but enhances the freshness and quality of items like nothing else.

Its advanced mechanism design and noiseless function make it a must to have addition to your kitchen or outdoor space.

Best Rated Product
AstroAI Portable Refrigerator Freezer

Rating: 4.7/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#6.AstroAI Portable Refrigerator Freezer


  • 37 Quart Large Capacity
  • 15 Minute Fast Cooling through a powerful compressor
  • Battery Protection through three-levels of battery protection mechanism
  • Functional Design – LED display panel to check and adjust the temperature in dim areas easily
  • Multi-use – Excellent for picnics, barbeque, home party, camping, travel, etc.
  • Compressor refrigeration to refrigerate in tough environments
  • Low-power consumption
  • Built-in LED light to find content in dim areas easily
  • Anti-shake

Talk of the legend and here it is. The AstroAI 37 Quart 12V Refrigerator is a world-class portable refrigerator with a huge 35L capacity. You can store a large number of beverages, fruits, ice cream, seafood, vegetables, meat, etc., and keep them super cold and fresh.

The AstroAI Portable Refrigerator can be used at home, outdoors, car, and that too using significantly lesser energy than other freezers in the range.


  • Large capacity
  • Fast cooling
  • Multi-purpose
  • Low-power consumption


  • None
Best Rated Product
SetPower TC20 21 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge

Rating: 4.8/5 1,389 global ratings


Amazon Customer Reviews

#7.SetPower TC20 21 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge


  • Unique 2-way Door Design to keep and pick things easily
  • No Ice Needed, thanks to its deep chilling performance
  • 21 Quart Large Capacity
  • Digital panel – Normal operation isn’t affected even in extreme conditions
  • Detachable wheels to install or remove the freezer conveniently
  • Inset handles & corkscrew to save valuable space on your car
  • Strong latch to ensure the door will not bounce in a shaky environment

The list doesn’t seem to end and why should it?

The awesomeness has just begun as a professional and high-quality freezer is here for you to check out. The SetPower TC20 21 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge sorts all your refrigeration woes like no other freezer in the market.

Be it deep chilling for your favorite drinks or a massive space for fruits, vegetables, drinks, or meat, this beauty has it all.

The SetPower TC20 Portable Freezer Fridge also accompanies you amazingly well in all your travel, commuting, and camping endeavors.


  • No ice needed
  • Large capacity
  • Detachable wheels
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Wide temperature range


  • Temperature control not accurate
  • A bit heavy
Best Rated Product
SetPower AJ30 32 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge

Rating: 4.6/5


Amazon Customer Reviews

#8.SetPower AJ30 32 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge


  • Suitable for both Car & Home Use
  • Max & Eco Mode for fast cooling and energy saving
  • Outdoor adaptable – Works normally in bumps, muddy mountain roads, and steep valleys
  • Multi-channel to connect power
  • Anti-shake – Runs well in slopes under 30 degrees
  • 3.1” Insulation to keep your stuff cool for a long time even after turning off
  • High-speed cooling fan for heat dissipation of compressor
  • Low noise to provide you a quiet environment
  • 3 level voltage battery protection to prevent the car battery from running down
  • Interior LED for easy browsing of stuff at night
  • Fixed Handle to keep your hands safe

The SetPower brand has a class of its own and AJ30 32 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge proves it superbly. Be it an ultra-strong compressor function, adjustable temperature, a max mode for fast cooling or suitability for both car and home, it has too many features to ignore.

The AJ30 32 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge functions superbly even where energy is in limited supply and keeps your food items fresh and cold just like when they were manufactured.


  • Suitable for both car & home
  • Low noise
  • More features than other models in the range
  • Efficient


  • None
Best Rated Product
Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer

Rating: 4.7/5 5,940 ratings


Amazon Customer Reviews

#9.Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer


  • Mechanical Control with Adjustable Thermostat for storing food, drinks, ice cream amazingly well
  • Contains 1 Hanging Wire Storage Basket
  • Hinge-Style Door Remains open from 45 to 75 Degree Angles
  • Recessed Handle
  • Adjustable leg
  • Defrost Drain

Savor the goodness of your food and drinks like never before and for longer with this baby. The Midea MRC04M3AWW Single Door Chest Freezer supports more temperature ranges than most other models in the market and gets cleaned without any hassle or headache.

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It has a 45-75 degrees increment opening to let you pack/unpack your food items super easy and also a removable storage basket to give you ease of access like never before.

The last word on the Best Outdoor Chest Freezer

There you have it!

Our reviews of the best outdoor freezer.

Chest freezers are very convenient and efficient, especially if you have a large family or are sharing living space with somebody. They reduce food wastage and let you access seasonal food and scarce items all year long.

You just need to keep the space available to you, the extra storage you need, and the climate conditions of your place in mind to purchase a suitable freezer for yourself.

So that’s it for our reviews for the best chest freezers.

We hope and believe that you make a great purchase and make the most of it.

Also, don’t forget to check out the best kegerators to keep your drinks forever chilled and fresh.


Care & Maintenance of Outdoor Deep Freezer

Manual defrost machines require periodic defrosting as frost buildup takes a lot of space inside the freezer and harms the machine’s overall performance and efficiency. It affects the freezer’s ability to send heat out of the interior.

The rule of thumb for defrosting is to do it when the frost is one-quarter of an inch but you can avoid this task by doing the following things.

Open the freezer only when required, then close it as soon as you can. It’s important as every time you give way to humidity which contributes to the buildup of frost.

Do not keep the freezer empty or even partially empty as an empty or partially empty freezer lets warm air to enter.

Always keep the freezer away from hot sources such as water heaters, furnaces, etc.

Make sure to keep the seal or gasket clean. Replace if it loosens. Don’t purchase the gasket without inspecting as a faulty gasket can make even a good quality freezer a real headache.

When defrosting the freezer, keep the door open, remove the drain plug, and place a pan below to collect the water from melting ice. The process might take few hours but don’t worry.

The interior should be completely dry (using paper towels) before turning on the freezer again as any leftover water will freeze back to frost once the freezer is down 0 degrees Fahrenheit. For storing the food for a long time pack the food as tightly as possible so that the freezer doesn’t burn.

Use a vacuum sealer if available or double wrap food in wax paper.

Best Outdoor Freezer FAQs

Is a chest freezer worth it?

It’s very hard to make a hard and fast statement for everyone, but normally the answer is yes, a chest freezer is really worth your money. By saving food, decreasing the need to visit a grocery store again and again, and planning the food in a better way, chest freezers are invaluable

How long does a chest freezer last?

Along with the electric and gas ranges, freezers are the most durable kitchen appliances. They normally last from 15-20 years.

Are chest freezers dangerous?

Not normally but sometimes chest freezers can be dangerous that’s why you should keep a few things in mind before investing your money. If you have young ones at home, you should invest in a freezer that is lockable to avoid any accidents.

People living in coastal areas must keep in mind that salty air can make outdoor chest freezers to corrode faster.

While if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, the perfect chest freezer for you will be an indoor one.

Put your questions or suggestions in the comments below, so we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge.
Thanks for reading.



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