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Portable Privacy Shelter for Camping and Outdoor Activities – The anngrowy Tent

Portable Privacy Shelter for Camping and Outdoor Activities - The anngrowy Tent

The anngrowy Shower Tent is a portable and versatile privacy shelter that is perfect for camping, beach trips, picnics, and fishing. Made with durable materials and equipped with useful features, this pop-up tent offers convenience and comfort wherever you go.

During a recent camping trip, we used the anngrowy Shower Tent as our toilet tent. Its spacious design allowed us to easily move in and out, and the included rain cover provided extra protection. Setting up the tent was a breeze, and although folding it took a bit of effort, it was manageable. The carrying bag made transportation hassle-free.

The tent proved to be sturdy, even in windy conditions, thanks to the included guy lines and sandbags. The thickened Oxford cloth offered excellent privacy, and the ventilation provided by the zipper windows was a great feature. The overall quality of the tent exceeded our expectations, with attention to detail evident in the long clothesline, shower head lanyard, and extra-large storage bag.

Durability and Protection

The anngrowy Shower Tent is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and protection. The tent is constructed with 190T silver-coated water-repellent thickened Oxford cloth, making it resistant to water and UV rays. The 2.8MM strong flexible steel frame provides premium durability and stability, allowing the tent to stand on its own even in harsh weather conditions. With its upgraded materials, this portable shower tent offers reliable protection from the sun’s harmful rays and quick-drying capabilities to keep the interior dry. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or fishing, you can trust that this tent will provide long-lasting durability and protection for your outdoor activities.

Spacious and Portable Design

The anngrowy Shower Tent offers a spacious and portable design, making it convenient for outdoor use. With a height of 6′ 4″ and dimensions of 3′ 11″ in length and width, this tent allows you to comfortably stand up and move around inside. It provides ample space for showering, changing clothes, and using the bathroom. Despite its generous size, the tent is lightweight, weighing only 5.5 lbs. It can be easily folded into a compact size of 22″ L x 22″ W x 1.4″ H, making it highly portable and effortless to transport. The included carrying bag adds to its convenience, allowing you to take it with you wherever your adventures lead.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

When it comes to your outdoor shower and changing needs, security and privacy are essential. The anngrowy Shower Tent is designed to provide both. It includes 8 tent pegs and 4 guy lines to ensure secure anchoring, making it stable even in windy conditions. The 4 sandbags that come with the tent provide additional weight and stability, perfect for uneven terrain. The tent is constructed with thickened Oxford cloth, which reduces light transmittance and enhances privacy. With its thoughtful design, this tent offers a safe and private space for your showering and changing needs, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

Ventilation and Easy Setup

The anngrowy Shower Tent is designed with ventilation in mind. It features an additional rain fly attached to the top to prevent light rain from entering the tent. The tent also includes 2 zipper windows that provide excellent ventilation and airflow. These windows can be opened or closed to suit your preferences and ensure optimal comfort. Setting up the tent is a breeze, as it easily pops up and folds down in seconds. No assembly is required, making it hassle-free to use. For a visual guide on folding the tent, you can refer to the installation video available on YouTube. With its ventilation features and easy setup, this tent is a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Built-In Details for Convenience

The anngrowy Shower Tent is built with attention to detail to enhance your outdoor experience. It includes a long clothesline, shower head lanyard, flashlight lanyard, and an extra-large storage bag. These features make the tent feel like your home bathroom, providing you with convenience and accessibility. The two mesh personal item storage pouches offer additional storage space for your belongings. Whether you need a place to hang your clothes, store your toiletries, or keep your flashlight within reach, this tent has you covered. Its thoughtful design ensures that all your needs are met during your outdoor activities.

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction


The anngrowy Shower Tent comes with a 1-Year Free Warranty and a Full Refund within 90 Days to ensure your satisfaction. The brand is committed to providing you with a reasonable, private, clean, and accessible space for your showering, changing, and restroom needs. If you encounter any problems, the customer support team is readily available to assist you. With its practicality, convenience, and versatile functionality, this portable shower tent is a reliable choice for hunters, fishermen, and anyone in need of an emergency shelter. Trust in the anngrowy Shower Tent to enhance your outdoor experience.


  • The anngrowy Shower Tent is made of high-quality, water-repellent Oxford cloth, ensuring durability and protection from the elements.
  • The tent is spacious, allowing for easy movement and comfort while showering, changing, or using the bathroom.
  • It comes with built-in details such as a long clothesline, shower head lanyard, and extra-large storage bag, making it feel like a home bathroom.


  • Folding the tent may require some effort and practice, as mentioned in the product reviews.
  • The included stakes are not very durable and may not hold up well in windy conditions.
  • The material of the tent is relatively thin and the zippers may feel flimsy, although it seems to hold up well in practice.

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In conclusion, the anngrowy Shower Tent is a reliable and practical choice for anyone in need of a portable privacy shelter. Its durable construction, spacious interior, and thoughtful design make it a must-have for camping and outdoor activities. With its affordable price and a 1-year warranty, this tent offers great value for money. We highly recommend the anngrowy Shower Tent for anyone seeking a convenient and versatile solution for their outdoor needs.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the anngrowy Shower Tent easy to set up and take down?

Answer: According to the reviews, the tent is generally easy to set up. Folding it back down may require some practice, but it is manageable.

Question: Does the tent provide sufficient privacy?

Answer: Yes, the thickened Oxford cloth and additional rain fly provide increased privacy. The tent is designed to block light and offers two zipper windows for ventilation.

Question: How durable is the tent in windy conditions?

Answer: The tent comes with guy lines and sandbags to secure it in windy conditions. However, some users recommend upgrading the stakes for better stability.

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