6 Best Outdoor Showers Reviews: Complete Buyer's Guide

6 Best Outdoor Showers in 2023 To Make You Fall in Love With Bathing!

6 Best Outdoor Showers in 2023 To Make You Fall in Love With Bathing!

Do you sometimes wake up finding yourself just too lazy to go for a shower? Well, it happens and can spoil your mood instead of brightening it up. But if you take a look at the best outdoor showers listed below, you might jump to get one and start your day on a powerful note, every day.

So here we have compiled a list of the 6 best ones so that you can rinse all your dirt and worries to where they belong.

Outdoor showers are beautiful, available in a couple of varieties (Wall-mounted and free-standing), and increase the value of your home like anything.

Interested in building your own outdoor shower? Check out How to Build an Outdoor Shower comprehensive guide on how to construct one. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and enjoy a refreshing rinse after a day outside.

Our Top Picks in Best Outdoor Showers

Best Budget: Aolemi SUS304 Shower Accessory Set

This superb and affordable option has dual water inlets for hot and cold water, plus a hand sprayer.

Best Portable: Poolmaster Ducha Portal 52508 Junto a la Piscine

This is another excellent option that is made of weather-resistant, non-corrosive materials, giving you great value for your money.

Best Multi-functional: PHASAT Matte Black Shower Fixtures

A rare gem consisting of 3 functions that can work together – Overhead Shower, Handheld Shower, and a Tub Spout.

Best Quality: Homewerks 3070-250-CH-BWS Shower kit

This option has a strong value industrial design and is perfect for those who need a nice shower next to their swimming pool.

Best Usage: Gotonovo SUS304 Shower Faucet Combo Set

Having a durable construction and a reliable design, this is a 2-Function shower system that is also extremely easy to install.

Best Design: Votamuta 8 Inch Shower Head

Packed with all the necessary hardware, this beauty provides a heavenly experience through its 3-function showering system.

So let’s take a look at the best outdoor showers in detail.

#2.Best Portable: Poolmaster 52508 Portable Shower

Poolmaster 52508 Portable Shower

The second one is the Poolmaster 52508 Portable Shower. If taking an outdoor shower and that too alongside a pool has been your fantasy then this option wouldn’t disappoint. Plus, it’s made of high-quality materials that will give you good value for your money in your quest for the best outdoor showers.


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#3.Best Multi-functional: PHASAT Matte Black Shower Fixtures

PHASAT Matte Black Shower Fixtures

Phasat Matte Black Shower Fixtures is a one-of-a-kind option that gives you triple more joy than an ordinary shower. Its 3-functions (Overhead Shower, Handheld Shower Head, and Tub Spout) work together brilliantly to give you the most complete showering experience.


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#4.Best Quality: Homewerks 3070-250-CH-BWS Shower Kit

Homewerks 3070-250-CH-BWS Shower Kit

If you want to enjoy a quick bath next to a swimming pool then the Homewerks 3070-250-CH-BWS Outdoor Shower Kit gives you the perfect opportunity. It’s premium, stylish and, made of high-quality materials so that you can be happier about your purchase than expected.


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#5.Best Usage: Gotonovo SUS304 Shower Faucet Combo Set

Gotonovo SUS304 Shower Faucet Combo Set

The next one is a blend of quality, great design and, ease of use giving you an unmatched bathing experience. Be it a private garden, beach, or swimming pool, the Gotonovo SUS304 is an affordable option in our best outdoor showers list that can rejuvenate you and your soul more than ever.


#6.Best Design: Votamuta 8 Inch Shower Head 

Votamuta 8 Inch Shower Head 

The last one in our list of best outdoor showers is a different kind of class. It’s made of the highest quality solid brass, looks ultra-attractive, and is packed with several functions proving to be one of the finest outdoor showers ever made.


What are the Pros & Cons of Outdoor Showers?

Final Verdict

The Aolemi SUS304 (view at Amazon) is our top choice because of its affordability and quality. It’s made of 100% metal and is also amazingly easy to operate.

However, if you are looking for ease of use apart from durability and elegance, we recommend the Gotonovo SUS304 Outdoor Shower Faucet Combo Set (view at Amazon), which can be used anywhere from a private garden to a swimming pool.

How to buy an Outdoor Shower


As mentioned above, outdoor showers are available in two varieties – wall-mounted and freestanding. While wall-mounted showers offer great access to your home’s water connections, they are available in limited placement options.

They have higher protection from elements and are also less likely to get damaged by strong winds. The second type (freestanding) comes with a base along with an attached shower head and can be placed anywhere in your outdoor area.


When you are looking for the best outdoor showers, you certainly can’t ignore the materials it’s made up of. Stainless steel is the best one as it provides better corrosion resistance than any other material. If you live in a salty air climate then 316 stainless steel will be your best bet.

Some brands even use various metal alloys and even plastic in their manufacturing but advice to care for them more than the more common steel ones.


However the main component of an outdoor shower is the showerhead, there is some other cool stuff to consider in the best outdoor showers as well. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Hand Shower/Shower Wand – To give a delightful experience to you, your kids, or pets if you want to save your home from getting messed by them.
  • Jets/Body Sprayers – To relish a spa-like showering experience but are more common in high-end models.
  • Foot Rinse – To wash sand/dirt easily without turning on the overhead shower. 
  • Duckboard – To drain water from your standing position while also keeping your feet clean.
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What is an Outdoor Shower?

It is simply a shower outside your house. It consists of a showerhead, water pipes, and valves. You can either use a garden hose as its water source or your home’s main water supply.

How do I install an outdoor shower?

To install an outdoor shower, you must have access to your home’s water connection, run new pipes to connect to the showerhead and faucet, and create a drainage area for water.

Although you can get skilled in doing this yourself it would be better if you take the help of a professional for this job so that you get maximum value and satisfaction in your best outdoor showers search.

How do I drain an outdoor shower?

The kind of drainage you select for your outdoor shower depends on the location of the shower, local building code requirements for the disposal of grey water, and the porousness of the ground.
While natural run-off is the easiest way for outdoor water drainage, it’s effective only if the ground around your shower has good drainage.

How much does an outdoor shower’s installation cost?

Buying and installing an outdoor shower can cost from around $250 to few thousand. Here’s how the prices of the best outdoor showers vary:
Wall-mounted showers – $100 to $500
Free-standing showers – $500 to $2000
Portable showers – $50 to $300

Do I need permission to install an outdoor shower?

Normally an outdoor shower with in-ground drainage will require a permit from the building owner. Make sure to check your local town or city building code before starting the project.



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