5 Best Fireplace Tongs 2023 – Fire Pit Tools

Make handling Fire a Child’s Play with these 5 Best Fireplace Tongs now!

Make handling Fire a Child’s Play with these 5 Best Fireplace Tongs now!

Do you have to come in contact with fire frequently but dread the idea because of lack of safety?

No worries as some best fireplace tongs may help you a great deal.

A fireplace tong is a must-have tool for an indoor fireplace, woodstove, fire pit, smoker, or anywhere you have to pick or place burning wooden logs safely.

They are made with heavy-duty heat-proof material and can feature a scissor or pincer style design.

So let’s take a look at some of the best ones in the market so that you can let the fire do what it does the best i.e. keep you warm.

Here they are…


5 Best Fireplace Tongs Reviews: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Rated Product
Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs Wrought Iron 26” Log Grabber – Best Choice

4.7 out of 5 2,776 global ratings


#1.Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs Wrought Iron 26” Log Grabber –Best Choice


  • Log grabbers can handle up to 12″ thick logs, including the heaviest of woods, and are composed of reinforced wrought iron.
  • The rust-resistant finish makes these the ideal log tweezers for use both outdoors and indoors.
  • Lifetime Warranty – We back these up with a lifetime warranty.

These fireplace tongs are constructed out of durable wrought iron. They’re well suited for indoor and outdoor use. They even come with a lifetime warranty, which means they’ll be replaced by the manufacturer if they break.


  • They’re fashioned of wrought iron, which is widely regarded as the greatest material for anything involving fire.
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their rust-resistant finish.
  • They’re a fantastic length that will appeal to the majority of consumers.
  • Buyers have confirmed that these tongs are capable of bearing a surprising amount of weight.
  • The lifetime warranty is fantastic.
  • They are made in the United States of America.


  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the length of time it takes to receive freezer drawers “Slope/hang down and glide outward
Best Rated Product
Stanbroil Outdoor Campfire Fireplace Tongs 26′′ Long Log Grabber Black – Best for Campfires

4.7 out of 5 939 global ratings


#2.Stanbroil Outdoor Campfire Fireplace Tongs 26′′ Long Log Grabber Black – Best for Campfires


  • Measures 26 inches long and is composed of steel with a powder-coated finish.
  • Scissor form to make it easier to move the wood to where it’s needed and keep the fire going.
  • A steel log grabber for campfires makes it simple to acquire a firm grip on logs.
  • Strong, long-lasting materials with heavy-duty construction and black finish.
  • Ideal for adjusting and picking up fireplace logs in a safe manner.

These tongs are ideal for regulating small to medium-sized fires in fireplaces and campfires. The Stanbroil fireplace tongs were designed for use outside, but they can also be used inside.


  • They are made of steel and have a powder-coated surface to assist them to withstand the elements.
  • They’re well-built and can easily handle small to medium-sized logs.


  • They don’t say where their products are made.
  • There is no guarantee stated.
  • When it comes to managing big logs, they have got poor reviews.
Best Rated Product
Uten Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs Grill Camping Fire Pit Tool – Ideal for Stoves

4.7 out of 5 2,481 global ratings


#3.Uten Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs Grill Camping Fire Pit Tool – Ideal for Stoves


  • For Open Fires, outdoor backyard fire pits, wood-burning stoves & BBQ Grill Camping Fires, bonfires, the Firewood Steel log grabber is well-constructed with fire pit tools, with a rust-resistant procedure.
  • The 26-inch length of the firewood log tongs is ideal for moving wood from one side of your fire to the other.
  • Indoor wood fireplaces, outdoor campfire fire pits, wood-burning stoves, boilers, and even smokehouses are all possible applications.
  • Tongs for grabbing logs in the fireplace from Uten Camping Fire Pit Tool Wood Fired Oven Tool

Stoves, campfires, and open fires all benefit from these basic steel tongs. They have a scissor design to increase your strength and precision when handling logs. These campfire tongs are nicely built, according to buyers, and are not wobbly or weak in the least.

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You’ll be happy with them as long as you remember that they’re designed to move burning logs around.


  • They’re made of steel and powder-coated to withstand the elements.
  • They have a good reputation and a lot of happy clients.
  • They’re ideal for the job they were designed for.


  • They don’t say where their products are made.
  • A few buyers have complained about the shaky structure.

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Best Rated Product
Amagabeli Fireplace Log Tongs 26” Heavy Duty Indoor Firewood Tongs – Heavy-duty Wrought Iron

4.6 out of 5 2,346 global ratings


#4.Amagabeli Fireplace Log Tongs 26” Heavy Duty Indoor Firewood Tongs – Heavy-duty Wrought Iron


  • The length of the firewood log tongs is 26 inches. It’s stylish and well-made.
  • Strong and durable: Heavy sturdy wrought iron firewood tongs with a new clean powder coat surface are composed of lasting steel.
  • Effortlessly and safely
  • The log grabbers’ innovative Scissor design allows them to quickly and safely move up to thick logs, firewood, or coals in your fire pit or fireplace with outstanding control.
  • For storage, it folds up: The fireplace firewood log tongs fold up into a small, light, and durable package.

With a weight of 1.61 pounds, these tongs are the heaviest on our list. They’re made of heavy-duty wrought iron, which many people prefer to steel when it comes to tools that will come into contact with fire.

These tongs have a unique feature in that they fold up for simple storage. The maker claims that these tongs will work well with logs or coals and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Excellent for minor flames.
  • If you need tongs that fold up easily for storage, this is the kind for you.
  • The tongs’ grasping end has a nice curve to it.


  • The slim design prioritized storage over robustness.
  • Many buyers’ requirements aren’t met.
  • There is no guarantee.
  • They don’t open as wide as some consumers would like, making large logs difficult to handle.
  • China is where it’s made.
Best Rated Product
Sunnydaze Log Grabber Tongs - Heavy-Duty Outdoor and Indoor Tool for Wood-Burning Fire Pit or Fireplace

4.5 out of 5 2,212 global ratings



#5.Syntrific fire26 Inch Fireplace Log Claw Grabber – Best for Bonfires


  • EASILY PICKS UP HEAVY PIECES OF WOOD: It’s easy to gain a good grasp on pieces of wood, even if they’re heavy or unusually shaped, because of the smooth open, and close action and powerful grasping force.
  • Safely Grab Flaming Pieces Of Wood.
  • For Storage, It Folds Up.
  • Sturdy And Strong.
  • Outstandingly Versatile: These fireplace tongs will come in handy whether you’re using an interior wood fire, an outdoor fire pit, a wood-burning stove, a boiler, or even a smokehouse

These steel tongs can be used both inside and outside. Although the company claims that it can pick up hefty chunks of wood, customer reviews appear to contradict this claim.

One of the advantages is that they fold up easily for storage. Other than huge fires or bonfires, these tongs are excellent for a variety of flames.



We’ve covered our favourite tongs. We chose these tongs to show you how we rate tongs. We also wanted to emphasise the good and bad. Notice we didn’t suggest every pair of tongs.

Now let’s look at how to assess these tongs and other tongs you may come across. We invite you to browse beyond our pre-selected tongs. Your demands may differ, and you may find an interesting pair of tongs elsewhere. A good price on tongs is important, so use the following advice to assess any you discover.

Tongs for the Fire,what are they?

Fireplace tongs may help hang a fire poker, shovel, and other fireplace equipment. Tongs should be hung appropriately, they should be sized to the height of your fireplace bars.

Fireplace Tongs are a fantastic method to avoid burns while working near a fire in the home or workplace.

Fireplace tongs come in a variety of forms and sizes based on their horizontal or vertical bars. Firefighting tools like pokers, shovels, and even nets can be hung from horizontal or vertical bars on fireplaces to collect sparks before they drop on the floor or someone’s clothing. Fireplace tongs come in a range of designs and lengths to meet your individual needs.

How to use Fireplace Tongs?

Fireplace Tongs are a fireplace utensils. There are two types of fireplace tongs: those with one handle and two arms that may be grabbed from either side. Each arm of the fireplace tongs generally has an ash scraper for removing undesired ashes or soot.

For most open flames, a fireplace tong is long enough to reach across without bending too far (with handles) or tall enough to not have to squat over them while they burn (with one arm). Each handle/arm of a fireplace tong has a scraper to remove ash and soot.

Types and usage of Fireplace Tongs

Many types of fireplace tongs are available for use in collecting logs from the ground or placing wood on an open fire. There are two types of fireplace tongs:

(Fire Rakes) — Used to gather wood thrown off the grate by other burning material.

Fire pokers/poker sets — Poking at the detritus on the top layer of cooled coals using a fire poker or poker set.

The sort of Fireplace Tongs you require depends on your fireplace.

Application Fireplace Tongs

Fireplace Tongs keep your fireplace clean. Fireplace Tongs can be used to regulate the flow of wood and start tiny flames in fireplaces with poor ventilation or no chimney. Fireplace tongs come in all forms and sizes.

You can use either long-handled Fireplace Tongs (with a metal head) or short-handled Fireplace Tongs (without a metal head) from outside the home.

Long Handle Fireplace Tongues feature an angled end with a claw-like head for moving wood. Fireplace tongs are not meant to handle hot logs or embers.

Stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, copper alloy (brass), and aluminium are all possible materials for Fireplace Tongues. Stainless steel is preferred because it does not corrode readily when exposed to moisture and is also lightweight.

Perks of fire tongs:

Fireplace tongs are a quick and easy method to clean and protect your fireplace.

Logs may be fed into the fire without opening the screen or touching hot surfaces using fireplace tongs.

Fireplace tongs may also be used to remove hot embers or ashes from your floor.

Fire Tongs Cons:

Unlike other fireplace equipment, tongs can shatter. This implies they may need to be changed more frequently than other instruments like a poker or shovel. Because they are too short, fireplace tongs cannot reach into corners or between logs like some of the other shovels on this list. In the cold winter evenings, they are best utilised for scooping up logs and kindling from a pile near to your fireplace.

Choose Warrantied Tongs.

Warranties show a company’s commitment to its goods. Only one of the tongs we discovered has a lifetime replacement warranty, which helped them reach the top of our rankings.

However, a guarantee adds an added degree of protection in case the tongs fail suddenly.

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Choose Your Length

You may have noticed that we chose 26 inch fireplace tongs. This is the appropriate length for fireplace tongs. You can go into the flames with a 26-inch set of tongs.

Longer tongs are safer. Most flames use a 26-inch tong. However, if you frequently work with bigger fires, you may wish to consider longer tongs.

Set a Budget

“How essential are fireplace tongs to you?” Before you go shopping, determine how essential a decent set of tongs are to you.

If you are frequently in front of a fire, a decent set of tongs will improve your safety and fire-making abilities.

If you only need tongs when you create a fire, your expenditure may be much smaller.

Regardless of your position, you should set a budget early on to avoid items that are out of your price range.

Consider the Fire Tong’s Material

As you can see, most fireplace tongs are made of steel or wrought iron. Wrought iron is typically coated with rust-resistant coating to battle the elements.

The outdoor community is divided on whether or not to acquire wrought iron or steel equipment for your fire, including tongs. Most advise revolves around determining what kind of fires to start. Steel tongs are best for outside fires. Wrought iron is preferable for an interior fireplace.

While not on this list, stainless steel tongs do exist. This is the preferred material for tongs. They are robust, long-lasting, and low-care. Stainless steel is more expensive.

Conclusion of Best Fireplace Tongs Review

Fireplace tongs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you start looking at the different tongs on your list, you’ll need to take a close look at your own requirements. If you’re going to use them outside, steel is the way to go.

If you want to work with charcoal, you’ll need specific tongs. Consider the area around the fire as well; you’ll need a lot of room to manoeuvre the tongs on this list. You’re now ready to purchase the ideal tongs for your needs.

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FAQ’S about Best Fireplace Tongs

Is a set of 26-inch Fire Place tongs too big for an indoor fireplace?

The average length of a fireplace tong is 26 inches. Even though they will work wonderfully if you have space, they are sometimes too huge for indoor use. Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as a yes or no.
It will be determined by the dimensions of the room in which the fire is located. Smaller tongs constructed expressly for that size will undoubtedly benefit a little wood stove in a wood
If you plan to purchase any of the tongs on this list, be sure you have enough room. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time moving the tongs around your space. Because you’ll be working with flaming logs, this might become a risky situation.

Will the fire tongs carry heat and cause my hands to become burned?

If you leave tongs in the fire, they will conduct heat. You won’t feel the heat on your hands when feeding the fire with longs or adjusting burning logs with any of the tongs on our list. All you have to do is make sure the tongs don’t end up in the fire, and you’ll be OK.

Will I have to put my tongs together?

Some tongs may require some assembly, but we’ve chosen tongs that are already constructed and ready to use. As soon as you open the package, you’ll be ready to start your first fire.

Is it possible to use tongs with one hand?

A surprising number of people inquire about firepit tools that may be used with just one hand. The only tongs that may be used with one hand are small and are mainly used for cooking.
These tongs are for handling longs and will necessitate the use of two hands as well as a great deal of attention and attention.

Is it possible to use tongs with charcoal briquettes?

For handling charcoal briquettes, none of the fire pit tongs on this list is recommended. In comparison to the longs that these tongs were designed to handle, a charcoal briquette is rather little. If you want to use them to make charcoal briquettes, you’ll need to invest in specific tongs.



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