Sanyo Electricr Barbeque Grill: A Smoke-Free Cooking Experience

Sanyo Electric Grills: Convenient but Lacks Durability and Customer Service

Sanyo Electricr Barbeque Grill: A Smoke-Free Cooking Experience

Sanyo electric grills, like the popular choice for those looking to enjoy barbeque flavors from the comfort of their own home, the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill, are highly sought after. With its 120-square-inch nonstick cooking surface and virtually smoke-free operation, this grill offers convenience and versatility. In this review, we will delve into the product features and explore real-life experiences to help you make an informed decision.

During my initial use of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill, I was impressed by its cooking performance and the absence of smoke. The grill cooked my food evenly, leaving those desirable grill marks that we all love. The nonstick surface made cleaning up a breeze, and the removable drip pan effectively caught any run-off grease, keeping the cooking area tidy.

However, my positive experience was marred by issues with the product’s durability. After just a few uses, the drip pan started to peel off paint, which resulted in rust formation. When I reached out to Sanyo for assistance, their customer service proved to be lacking. Their response was slow, and their solution was to have me send back the defective part at my own expense. This process was inconvenient and disappointing.

Sanyo Electric Grills: Durability and Longevity Concerns

Some customers have raised concerns about the durability and longevity of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill. Several reviewers have reported issues with the drip pan, which is an essential component of the grill. After only a few uses, the paint on the drip pan started to peel off, causing rust and rendering it unusable. Customers have expressed disappointment and frustration with the paint bonding process, questioning the overall quality of the product. Some customers have even experienced difficulties in getting a replacement drip pan through Sanyo’s customer service. This raises doubts about the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

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Handle Breakage and Warranty Concerns

Customers have highlighted the handle breakage issue and the associated warranty concerns. Despite the grill’s overall performance and ease of use, some customers have experienced handle breakage with minimal force applied. This raises questions about the quality and strength of the materials used in the construction of the handle. Unfortunately, when customers reached out to Sanyo for warranty support, they were met with disappointment. According to Sanyo’s warranty policy, any breakage is assumed to be due to negligence and is not covered. This leaves customers feeling frustrated and unsupported, as they are left with a broken handle and no viable solution from the manufacturer. This lack of warranty coverage for what seems to be a manufacturing defect is a significant drawback for potential buyers.

Sanyo Electric Grills: Indoor BBQ Performance

Favorable reviews have been received regarding the indoor BBQ performance of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill. Many customers praise the grill’s ability to cook food evenly and produce minimal smoke. The 120-square-inch nonstick cooking surface provides ample space for grilling a variety of foods. The adjustable thermostat control allows for precise temperature settings, ensuring optimal cooking results. Customers appreciate the virtually smoke-free operation, making it suitable for indoor use without the worry of setting off smoke alarms. Overall, the grill’s performance in delivering a satisfying indoor barbeque experience has garnered positive feedback from users.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The ease of cleaning and maintenance of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Grill has been commended. The removable drip pan efficiently catches run-off grease, making it convenient to clean up after use. Additionally, the dishwasher-safe drip pan simplifies the cleaning process even further. Customers appreciate the user-friendly design, as it allows for quick and hassle-free maintenance. The grill’s compact size also contributes to its ease of cleaning, as it does not take up much space in the kitchen or storage area. The combination of a nonstick cooking surface, a removable drip pan, and a dishwasher-safe design makes this grill a practical choice for those looking for convenience in their cooking appliances.

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Sanyo Electric Grills: Safety Features

Several safety features incorporated in the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill have been well-received by customers. The cool-touch handles and base ensure that users can handle the grill safely, even when it is in use. This feature provides peace of mind, particularly for those with children or pets in the household. The grill’s compact size also contributes to its safety, as it can be easily placed on a stable surface away from potential hazards. Customers appreciate the attention to safety, as it enhances the overall user experience and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries while grilling indoors.

Recipe Guide and Instruction Manual

The instruction manual of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill includes a recipe guide. This addition has been well-received by customers, as it provides inspiration and ideas for various grilled dishes. The recipe guide offers a range of options, from classic barbeque favorites to creative and unique recipes. Customers find this feature helpful, especially for those who are new to indoor barbequing or looking to expand their culinary repertoire. The inclusion of the recipe guide and instruction manual enhances the overall value of the product and supports customers in maximizing their grilling experience.


  • The Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill has a 120-square-inch nonstick cooking surface, providing ample space to cook multiple items at once.
  • This grill is virtually smoke-free, making it perfect for indoor use without worrying about setting off smoke alarms.
  • The adjustable thermostat control allows for precise temperature settings, giving you control over how your food is cooked.


  • Some customers have reported durability issues with the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill, particularly with the drip pan. The paint on the drip pan has come off and caused rusting, rendering it unusable.
  • The customer service experience when dealing with warranty issues has been frustrating for some customers. It has taken multiple attempts to get a response and there have been delays in receiving replacement parts or refunds.
  • The warranty of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill does not cover accidents, misuse, or neglect. This means that if the product breaks due to these factors, it is not eligible for warranty coverage.
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In conclusion, while the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill initially showed promise with its efficient cooking and smoke-free operation, the issues I encountered with durability and the lack of satisfactory customer service left me dissatisfied. If you prioritize a reliable and responsive customer service experience, you may want to consider alternative options.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the nonstick cooking surface easy to clean?

Answer: Yes, the nonstick cooking surface of the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill is easy to clean. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge.

Question: Can the grill be used outdoors?

Answer: No, the Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill is specifically designed for indoor use. It is not recommended to use it outdoors, as it is not built to withstand outdoor elements.

Question: How long does it take for the grill to heat up?

Answer: The Sanyo HPS-SG2 Indoor Barbeque Grill heats up relatively quickly. It typically takes about 5-10 minutes to reach the desired temperature, depending on the settings chosen.



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