Enido Flameless Candles Review: A Waterproof and Convenient Alternative

Endless Summer Fire Pit – Experience Safe and Convenient Lighting with Enido Flameless Candles

Endless Summer Fire Pit – Experience Safe and Convenient Lighting with Enido Flameless Candles

The Endless Summer Fire Pit is a waterproof, battery-operated set of candles that offer a safe and convenient alternative to traditional candles. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and over 5,000 reviews, these candles have gained popularity among customers. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these candles and provide an overall conclusion.

I purchased the Enido Flameless Candles for my outdoor patio, looking for a way to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere without the worry of open flames. These candles did not disappoint. The waterproof design was a game-changer, as they withstood heavy rain and even mist without any issues. The swivel battery cover and hidden ON/OFF switch added to their durability and made them easy to use.

The remote control feature was a definite highlight for me. It allowed me to effortlessly control the candles from a distance, adjusting the brightness and selecting different timer options. I particularly enjoyed the 2-hour timer setting, which provided just the right amount of ambiance during evening gatherings.

The candles themselves have a realistic flame effect, creating a warm and inviting glow. I appreciated the option to choose between different heights, as it added versatility to their placement. They worked perfectly as centerpieces for my outdoor dining table and even in lanterns for special occasions.

Revolutionary Waterproof Design for Outdoor Use

Endless Summer Fire Pit

Designed with a revolutionary waterproof feature, the Enido Flameless Candles are perfect for outdoor use. Made of waterproof plastic, these candles are built to withstand hot weather, heavy rain, mist, and water spills. With a swivel battery cover and a hidden ON/OFF switch inside the bottom, these candles can even withstand rainwater. This waterproof design eliminates the need for frequent replacements, making them safer and more environmentally friendly to use. Whether you want to light up your garden, yard, patio, or use them for holiday decorations, these waterproof candles are the ideal choice.

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Endless Summer Fire Pit: Romantic and Relaxing Atmosphere

Endless Summer Fire Pit

Add a warm and romantic atmosphere with the Enido Flameless Candles. These battery-operated candles provide the cozy ambiance of real candles without the risk of fire and hot wax. Coming home to the soft glow of these flickering LED candles will instantly relax and comfort you. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or set the mood for a special occasion, these flameless candles are the perfect addition to your home decor.

Suitable for Lanterns and Decorations

Endless Summer Fire Pit

Suitable for both indoor use and outdoor decorations, the Enido Flameless Candles are versatile. These plastic flameless pillar candles are ideal for lighting up your garden, yard, patio, or even your Halloween pumpkins. They can also be used as centerpieces to decorate your wedding tables. With their versatile design, these candles make perfect gifts for almost all holidays, including New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Endless Summer Fire Pit: Energy Efficient and Long-lasting

Endless Summer Fire Pit

Energy-efficient and beautiful, these battery-operated candles are a great choice. With advanced energy-saving technology, these fake candles have an extremely long battery life, lasting for about 400 hours (requires advanced batteries, not included). The built-in timer function allows the candles to cycle every 24 hours, turning on at the same time each day and staying on for either 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours. This energy efficiency ensures that you can enjoy the warm glow of these candles for a long time without worrying about constantly replacing batteries.

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Convenient 3-Pack Set with Remote

Endless Summer Fire Pit

Conveniently packaged in a set of three, the Enido Flameless Candles are available. The set includes one 4″ pillar, one 5″ pillar, and one 6″ pillar, each with a diameter of 3.25″. The package also includes 1 remote control and 1 operating manual. The remote control allows you to easily control the candles from a distance, adjusting the timer, brightness, and flicker settings. Please note that batteries are not included with this product.

Endless Summer Fire Pit: Positive Customer Reviews


The Enido Flameless Candles have received rave reviews from customers. Many have praised the product for its quality and functionality. Customers love the automatic timer feature, allowing the candles to come on at the same time each night and stay on for a set duration. The different settings on the remote control have also been appreciated, giving users the ability to customize the brightness and flicker of the candles. Overall, customers have found these candles to be a great addition to their homes, bringing a cozy and realistic candlelight experience.


  • Waterproof Design: These candles are made of waterproof plastic, making them perfect for outdoor use. They can withstand hot weather, heavy rain, mist, and water spills.
  • Romantic Atmosphere: Enjoy the warm and romantic atmosphere created by these candles without the risk of a real fire and hot wax. They provide relaxation and comfort when you come home.
  • Versatile and Decorative: These candles are suitable for various occasions and settings. They can be used in gardens, yards, patios, and as centerpieces for weddings or holiday decorations.


  • Plastic Material: Up close, the candles may appear visibly hard plastic, which may not be as aesthetically pleasing as real wax candles.
  • Tacky Flame Design: The cut in front of the candles, exposing the fake flickering flame, may be considered slightly tacky and ultra fake by some.
  • Inconsistent Remote Response: The remote control may not always respond to all three candles simultaneously, which can be frustrating when adjusting brightness and timers.
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In conclusion, the Enido Flameless Candles proved to be an excellent choice for creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. The waterproof design, energy efficiency, and remote control functionality make them a practical and convenient option. While the plastic material may not be ideal for close-up inspection, it serves its purpose well in outdoor settings.

With their long battery life and beautiful flame effect, these candles exceeded my expectations. If you’re in search of safe and hassle-free lighting solutions, I highly recommend giving the Enido Flameless Candles a try.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are these candles safe to use outdoors?

Answer: Yes, these candles are specifically designed to be waterproof and can withstand outdoor conditions such as rain and heat.

Question: Can the brightness and timers be adjusted individually for each candle?

Answer: Yes, the remote control allows you to adjust the brightness and set timers for each candle individually.

Question: Are the candles made of real wax?

Answer: No, these candles are made of waterproof plastic material that resembles real wax. They are designed to provide the look of real candles without the mess or risk of fire.



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